Ed Reid started running TAB boards in York in 2009. His original motivation for starting the TAB business was that he had worked with large corporates and private business owners throughout his career, and loved the pace and challenge in SMEs. So much so that Ed wanted to run one himself, and work with other owners as a core component of his day to day role.

With a tremendous respect for what SME owners and MDs do, Ed also observed that most business owners could benefit from some really good third party advice. Given the value that Boards of Directors provide to larger businesses Ed believed that smaller businesses would also benefit substantially from objective advice. While consultants, family members and employees can provide a useful sounding board, only business owners can truly appreciate what other business owners are going through.

When Ed learned about TAB Boards and the model of establishing Business Owner Advisory Boards, he thought this would be a great service for private business owners in York.

He also believed that TAB provides a model where he could leverage the experience that he has accumulated over his career and the passion that he has for SMEs, to make a real difference in the companies and the lives of business owners. It was the perfect fit.


In February 2017, Ed acquired the UK Franchise of TAB. In his place, comes Elliot Rich, a seasoned Sales & Marketing Director with 20 years’ experience with world leading companies.

Elliot’s TAB journey began last year when he assembled two boards in Pontefract and Castleford. He has taken the helm at TAB York, now in its eighth year, where he will bring his considerable experience to the table to continue to grow the TAB community in York.

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